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What is Guest posting in SEO

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Sunday, October 13, 2019 | October 13, 2019

What is Guest posting in SEO

SEO has a huge potential in generating quality traffic to your website, it can generate leads, and make your website visible, and also the effect which SEO has is permanent, unlike the paid search which ranks a particular website for a limited period of time, but the impact of SEO on ranking of your website is continuous or in other words, in case of paid search your website will loose its rankings as soon as the budget expires in paid search, but this isn't the case with SEO.

DA and PA or Domain authority and Page authority are the two metrics based on which your website gets ranked in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) in Google, an SEO expert tries to increase these two metrics to rank your website in the shortest time possible in google, generally it takes 90 days but again this may take far more time depending on the keyword difficulty level obviously.

Backlinks play a major role in increasing the DA and PA of a website, thus helps in ranking websites faster. There are a variety of ways to generate backlinks, through profile creation, blog commenting, forums posting etc, one of the ways of generating quality backlinks is through guest posting. cause the other ways of generating backlinks have simply faded away with the google updates, but guest posting always had and is still having a lot of potential to rank any website with the link juice it passes over to the website

What is Guest posting in SEO ?

Guest posting is method by which you post an article with an anchor link inside it in a website which accepts article posting for free or for some charges and get a backlink no-follow or do-follow in return.

Things to remember while writing a guest post :- 

  • Always post original content in these guest posting sites, otherwise your article/content can get rejected.
  • Always make sure that your article is free of grammatical errors.
  • At least the length of an article should be 500 - 600 words in some cases it can be 900 words also.
  • Make sure that the link you insert doesn't link to any adult content.
Sites list for Guest posting : -

There are a variety of websites where you can post your article/content by google searching the term "Free guest posting sites list" but some of those websites in the list may allow you to guest post but it takes a lifetime to have your articles approved, so here I will be sharing a list of websites which provides an instant approval for the guest posts/article post.

  1. Linkedin pulse.
  2. Medium.com
  3. Bloglovin.com
  4. Sooperaticles.com
  5. Dzone.com
  6. 123articleonline.com
  7. hubpages.com
  8. articlesforwebsite.com
  9. articleslash.net
  10. jpst.it
The list might be small but trust me from my years of experience in SEO I have found these article posting sites to be great for SEO purposes as the approval is instantaneous and even if its sent for moderation it takes only 1 - 2 days for getting your articles approved,and the link juice is very beneficial.

Now there are many people who will disagree with this list, but this list is meant for non SEO experts and this list doesn't include paid websites like apsense.com, but these websites have the potential to rank any website well in the SERP and can provide a sufficient boost to a domain.

Thanks, have a nice day.


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