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How to share a link on Instagram story

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Saturday, November 9, 2019 | November 09, 2019

How to share a link on Instagram story 

Instagram is a great platform for sharing images, Instagram helps users get high engagements on their posts, its a great platform for all things related to fashion and also it helps other businesses spread the word about their brand, and its a social media platform which mostly youngsters prefer, which is why its an excellent platform for marketing products and services as well.

The problem is with sharing links in Instagram, cause how is one supposed to market his/her products and services without sharing the links to them, just posting a photo of a product or service isn't enough sometimes. I am here to share with you the ways through which you can share your links in your Instagram story/posts.

Number 1 :-

Swipe-up URL link - 

This is the first way to share a link on your Instagram story, this is the easiest way to share URLs on your story on Instagram, but this feature comes with some terms and conditions, the first condition is you will need to be a verified user and second is you would be needing 10000 followers,so in order to unlock this feature you will need to be have at least one of the two.

But what if you are an unverified user or you don't have 10 K followers on Instagram, or you simply want to use the high resolution images/banners of your products and services, the next way is by far according to me the most convenient to share links on Instagram.

Number 2 :-

QR Code on Images -

If you are looking forward to sharing  your high resolution product banners/flyers with links for free on Instagram, then this method will prove to be very helpful and yes this method doesn't require a 10 k followers or verified user condition.

Just follow the steps :-

Step 1 :  Download any QR code maker app from Playstore.

Step 2 :  Copy the URL to your product/services landing page you want to share on Instagram and                           paste it on the QR maker.

Step 3 :  A QR code will be created containing your link.

Step 4 :  Use a photo editor app to Paste the QR code over the image. (if you don't have a photo                            editor  app many are available on playstore, download any one you like)
A lot like in the diagram above

Step 5 :  Post the edited image on Instagram and now your users can get the images with links to                          them.

Number 3 :-

Instagram ads -

If you are willing to spend some money for marketing your products/services/YouTube channel on Instagram, then Instagram allows you to include links in your ads, which will land potential prospects to your product/services/channel landing page. This is a paid method.

Conclusion : 

If you are looking for a free method then the first two methods would be great for you, however if you are looking to invest some of your money for marketing your products you can do so through Instagram ads.


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