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How to prepare an SEO Report that satisfies your client

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Sunday, January 19, 2020 | January 19, 2020

How to prepare an SEO Report that satisfies your client


A SEO Report occupies an important part for freelancers specially who are beginners to the field of Digital Marketing as a SEO report helps a client in having an idea about the ROI the Client company is getting as a result of the SEO operations.

A SEO Report should be aligned to the business goals and objectives of the client company, while preparing the report it should be kept in mind that the report only supplies the client company with valuable inputs and not overburden the client with extra data as it may confuse the client company instead, a carefully drafted report not only helps the client but also helps the service provider in keeping a tab of all the hard work.

Here are the procedure to be followed for drafting a SEO report :-

Before drafting the SEO report first its important to divide a SEO report into 3 parts.

The first part shall consist of the details of the inflow of traffic into the website.

The Second part shall consist of the details about the developments in the websites reputation.

The Third part of the report shall stress on the ROI to the company the SEO efforts are bringing.

Now without any further ado lets get to the topic

Here is the format for the SEO Report for Clients :-

1.Traffic Report : -

This is the first part of the SEO Report which should reflect the organic traffic and the inorganic paid traffic to the clients website. The traffic data to the website should be represented in both graphical and tabular form, the traffic report shall mostly reflect the ratio of the traffic into website to the conversion or engagement depending on the goal set by the client company.

This should consist of  3 major sub parts in it, Organic traffic, Inorganic traffic, Backlinks traffic amount.

a) Organic Traffic :

This shall reflect the amount of traffic that enters the website directly either by searching the URL or simply though the SERP  page via the targetted keywords.

b) Inorganic traffic :

This shall reflect the amount of traffic that enters the website using paid ads such as Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads etc.

c) Backlinks traffic :

This shall reflect the amount of traffic that has as a result of the backlinks created.

2. Reputation Report: -

The Second part of the report shall reflect the developments in the website’s reputation of the client company

This part of the report should consist of 3 sub parts, Sites Domain Rating, Backlinks Profile, Search Engine Rankings.

a) Sites Domain rating :

What actually contributes to the ranking of a particular website on targetted keywords is the domain ratings, and domain ratings depends on the DA(domain authority) & PA(page authority) of a website, websites with higher DA and PA rank easily on the targetted keywords, so this sub part should clearly state the DA & PA of a website as to whether it has improved or has reduced or the website has been penalized etc.

b) Backlinks profile : -

What contributes to the development in DA and PA of a website are high DA backlinks, thus needless to say this part of the website should demonstrate the type of backlinks that connects to the website, which is whether the backlinks are of do-follow type/no follow type, and also the DA of the backlinks.

c) Search Engine Rankings : -

This part of the report should reflect the keywords rankings of the website in the search engines, the keywords are the ones that are targetted/used  by the SEO service provider to rank a website, generally these are the keywords that have high volume of search but low competition, thus this part should reflect positions of the website on specifically targetted keywords in the SERP and must also  project any sort of change in the keywords position like whether they have moved up or down, or on the next page or the position has remained unchanged.

3. ROI Report :-

The Third and the last part of the report should be focused on the amount of returns the SEO operations is creating for the client company, as the main reason for which the client company is spending all its money is to get some returns on it at the end of it, so this part of the SEO Report must clearly state the ROI generated for the client company.

This part of the SEO Report shall consists of 3 sub parts, Landing Page Conversions, Leads Generated, Income Generated.

a) Landing Page Conversions : -

This part shall reflect the amount of conversions that has happened through the landing page for the client company and  the CTR  in it.

b) Leads Generated : -

This part shall reflect the amount of leads generated through the local SEO operations and business listings, free ads and other forms of small conversions.

c) Income Generated : -

This part should obviously stress on the amount of income generated for the client company in the form of products bought, clients acquired, services subscribed by the potential buyers from all the SEO operations undertaken.

The final SEO Report format with all it's sub-parts shall look like this : -

Conclusion : -

This format of SEO Report consists of the essentials for the preparation of a SEO Report, the reader  of this post can add some more parts in the report if required, it has to be kept in mind that the more detailed the report, the more is the probability to make your client satisfied with the report.


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