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How To Make Quality Optimized Facebook Ads

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Sunday, March 29, 2020 | March 29, 2020

How To Make Quality Optimized Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Detailed Targeting Tutorial

Facebook ads today is the second most largest & relevant ad platform after the Google ads, when it comes to making your presence felt online, selling your products online or simply conducting an audience survey, and that’s because the Facebook ads network not only shows its ads in Facebook but also on another popular social media platform Instagram, now, not all ads are suitable for Instagram, but those related to Education, Fashion, Entertainment and to some extent E-commerce are.

Google ads will always remain in its top most position simply because of its Search ads, and its vast display network, when it comes to leveraging returns on investment this could be the best choice, but this article is totally about those who are looking for online ads that are not very expensive but could generate leads or sales.

Now Facebook ads could be Quantity optimized and Quality optimized, I mean, I am not sure, if I am the first one to coin these terms but yes, you can choose between bulk audience and relevant audience in Facebook, it’s just that when your targeting a more relevant audience the CPE (Cost Per Engagement) or The CPL (Cost Per Lead) tends to increase a little bit.

I would always suggest targeting relevant audience when it comes to targeting in Facebook ads unless it’s a reach ad or a brand awareness ad, relevant audience is more easy to convert, and their engagements are meaningful (i.e.…they show real interest in the content).

Here's how you can create quality optimized Facebook ads –


Quality Optimized ads are suitable for Consideration and Conversion objective only, don’t opt for Quality optimized ads for the awareness objective. Thus opt for detailed targeting Facebook ads when your objectives are Consideration or Conversion.


While choosing the location always choose “people living in this location” this will prevent people who are travelling to the location, or visiting the location from viewing the ads and reacting, this is a location based filtering, this filtering will depend upon the nature of your business, cause if you are having an E – Commerce based business obviously you would be needing all the people in the particular location to view the ad, so keep this in mind.


Levels of Targeting there are many layers of targeting the more the number of layers the more relevant the audience, (note: the cost per lead will also go up). For example if you are looking for people who would be interested in your marketing agency, then your potential audience would be Managing Directors, CEO’S, Founders, etc. etc., but all the Managing Directors, CEO’S, Founders might actually not be interested in a Marketing agency, so your target should be Managing Directors, CEO’S, Founders audience who’s interests must also match advertising, promotion, lead generation you can narrow down further to the third level who’s interest must also match advertising agency, but remember with each levels of targeting your reach will reduce, hence target accordingly.

So this pretty much covers the detailed targeting option in Facebook ads for targeting relevant audience.


This was just an explanation on how detailed targeting is done in Facebook for filtering audience and getting relevant audience, for generating relevant leads and sales. To get better results take the help of a professional because there are other factors at play in selecting these target variables in Facebook or any other online platform.


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