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10 On-Page SEO Hacks 2020

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 | April 14, 2020

10 On-Page SEO Hacks 2020

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very effective tool for improving the visibility of your website, to attract relevant traffic to your website and to improve your overall online reputation of your website.

On-Page SEO can prove to be a serious game changer in 2020, if it’s done correctly, it has various advanced techniques too but let’s just stick to the basic on-page SEO hacks that everyone can apply in their websites to get the best out of their Websites in 2020.

Note : This post assumes that you have basic knowledge about what SEO is and what On-page and Off Page SEO basically means.

Here are the 10 On – Page SEO Hacks 2020 -

Headings tags optimization – Google reads the codes inside a website, its crawlers first eyes the headings tags within the source codes, it’s much like us, when we read anything, phrases that are large in size attracts our attention and basically these are the headings that not only attracts our attention but tells a lot about the overall topic of a content, same is the case with Google crawlers, the headings tags such as the H1, H2, H3 tags within the source codes of a website tells a lot about the content of a website the topic on which the website is based. The trick is to optimize the Headings tags by using the same keywords you have used in the Title tag this makes things a lot easier for the Google crawlers to properly index your website understand the topic on which your website is based and rank it in it’s search results on the keywords you want your website to rank for (since you have already used your desired keywords in the headings tags as well as the title tags of your website,) but remember do not use keywords which doesn’t match the topic of your website, not in the headings tags, and not even in the title tag of your website, as this may adversely impact the SEO of your website.

Alt Tags Optimization – Locate the images within your website, within the alt tags enter the keywords you want to rank for and this will make things even more clearer to the google crawlers, increasing your chances to rank on the desired keywords.

Image Name Optimization – Optimize the image names by renaming your image files and using your desired keywords in the name in a very smart way which explains both the image and also the topic of your website to Google.

Canonical Tag – Do you know that there can be various versions of your website ? There can be a http versions, https version, www version and also a non www/ domain version, now you will never want your website to use an unsafe website version such as a http it not only creates a bad impression for your website but also hampers your website rankings, usage of a canonical tag can solve this problem, by telling Google the exact version of your website you want Google to index, canonical tag example, <link rel="canonical" href="https://yourdomain.com/" />.

Robot.txt – This is a must have text file for your website, as this tells google crawlers whether  to index your website or not, you can also limit your competitors crawlers from accessing your website using this text file. There are various robot.txt file generators online, you can use anyone of them.

Sitemap – Sitemap file is used to provide a map to google pointing to the pages that are within your website, this is very beneficial for SEO as it helps google in finding your sites pages and ranking them accordingly, since google not only ranks websites but also the web pages within a particular website.

Site Speed Optimization : - This is a major factor based on which google ranks the websites in its search engine results pages, so try to make your website load faster, generally the maximum loading speed for a website should not be more than 5 seconds but if your website is taking a heck lot of time to load which is more than 5 seconds, you seriously need to consider making your website load faster, this you can do through image compression, Java script compression, CSS Compression etc.

Mobile Friendliness – This has come up to be a major factor in ranking websites with each of Google updates, websites that are very mobile friendly get a fine ranking by Google, thus check out if your website is responsive or not, if its not responsive chances are its not mobile friendly as well, check if the charset encoding (UTF-8) is set correctly or not if its not there then use the charset encoding (UTF-8) in your website, this will make your website mobile friendly.

Domain name – Purchase a domain name that is related to the service you will be providing, for example if you have a Yoga studio then purchase domain name such as petersyogastudio.com this will make your domain appear to people looking for Yoga studio in your area or nearby.

Permalinks  Optimization – All the links to the web pages within the website should be optimized properly it should properly establish what a webpage is all about, like if you have a website  on Digital Marketing agency and you have a page on seo services then your permalink structure should be https://yourdomainname.com/seo-service.php for the SEO services page.This will ensure better individual rankings of your website's web page.

Conclusion : -

These SEO Hacks for 2020 are SEO techniques/SEO Best practices that can help you rank your website on the desired keywords in 2020, get relevant traffic and correct the things that might be wrong with the source codes of your website. There are other factors such as Off-page SEO and Local SEO that are responsible for better rankings, On-page SEO is one of the method to rank your website in the Search engine results page.

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