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Email Marketing Challenges In 2020

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 | April 29, 2020

Email Marketing Challenges In 2020

Email Marketing is the cheapest method to market your business, gather leads and send targeted traffic to your website.

I am sure many are aware of the Concept of Emails and Email Marketing, but here I will try to explain the Concept of Email Marketing from the Digital Marketing Stand point.
Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses emails to promote products, services and events. It is one of the fastest to start interaction with a potential customer, or prospects, it helps in educating customers about the products and services.

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons related to Email Marketing –


  1. Reaching out to prospects directly.
  2. It’s the cheapest method. 
  3. Good Emails achieve high response rates.
  4. Opt-in email marketing makes it easier to plan, evaluate and track campaigns.
  5. Helps in Image building.

Cons – 

  1. Your Mail Account may get marked as Spam.
  2. There is no guarantee that all the mails will reach to the prospects.
  3. Usage of Images, HTML contents and too many links can place your mails in the promotions folder.
  4. People Hate Emails with a Marketing Pitch to it, open rates are very low if the subject line or the content is not catchy.

Now let’s have a Look at the Email Marketing Challenges In 2020 -: 

  • Fancy Subject Lines – You know what people hate to see the most in their Email Inbox? Yes, Its Emails with a very high Marketing pitch, trust me most of us, move them to the spam folder the moment we see them in our inbox. 
Solution: Use Appropriate Subject Lines, One that are relevant yet attracts the attention of the prospect, make it more personal by using the prospects name in it, it always works, avoid using YMYL contexts and other click baits in your email marketing campaigns.

  • Usage of HTML Templates/ Links – Too much graphic content such as images or gifs can land your emails in the Promotions folder, using HTML Templates is automatically identified as a promotion material by Google Smart filters. 
Solution : Avoid HTML Templates unless you are promoting a product, don’t use too much graphic contents such as more than one images or gifs in your email body, or irrelevant links, this not only irritates your reader but also makes your mail look spammy. A good idea is to keep your emails simple with one image with a CTA, one HTML button with a link.

  • Lack of testing – Many of you do not test your emails before sending them to your prospects, it can jeopardize an entire email campaign, as many email may land in the spam folder or promotions folder without you even knowing, if your using an HTML Content then chances are, some of the files may not show up due to server side issues when it ultimately reaches to your prospects.
Solution: Test your mails before sending them to some of your friends or acquaintances or other mail ids you might be in possession of, use a HTML content only if you are using the services of a trusted email campaign services provider like mail chimp. 

  • Getting Blacklisted – Sending Bulk Emails can get your email ID blacklisted, sending your emails straight to the Spam Inbox. Even if you are sending relevant emails then chances are Sooner or later this will eventually happen to you too.

Solution: Always have multiple IDs beforehand so that you can use them when one get blacklisted, and if you get blacklisted then stop sending emails for 3 months you will be removed from the blacklist by Gmail if you cannot abandon a mail ID.

  • Campaign Strategy – Emails need to be tracked, it needs to have a proper strategy to get leads and Customers, it needs lead nurturing tactics in it, it needs a proper A/B testing technique to get things right.

Solution: use proper hooks to track your emails after you send them, like tracking the open rates, bounce rates and click rates, use marketing funnels to capture and nurture your leads such as follow up mails and a landing page to make the prospect reach out to you.

  • Content – In the end it all comes down to one thing, how good is the content of the Email? If the body of the email is not engaging, does not educate the prospect and do not have a CTA its natural for an Email Marketing to fail.

Solution: Use Proper Call To Action button wherever necessary, try to bring a genuine problem in front of the prospect and solicit, use proper push words to make the prospect click on the CTA and reach out to you.


 Usage of Proper Email Marketing Techniques can serve turn out to be a very profitable technique for many businesses such as Ecommerce Companies, App Installs, Blogs, Service Industries, Education Industries and start-ups.


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