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10 quotes on reality of life, that motivate and inspire

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Saturday, May 9, 2020 | May 09, 2020

10 quotes on reality of life, that motivate and inspire


Reality is highly different from how we perceive the world, we feel angry, depressed, heartbroken and emotionally drained when we face the reality, we are taught about various things from our very childhood, but its our experiences, our struggles & hardships often teaches us what the reality is, it is so because it cannot be taught, individual people experience it in their own individual ways, some people even are fearful about facing it, some get accustomed to the artificial construct around them, some get so much emerged in it that facing it becomes difficult.

But everyone has got to face it some day or the other, its always better to be prepared for it, here are 10 quotes on reality of life that motivate and inspire, check out the quotes and let me know in the comments section below of what you think.










That's all folks, hope you like the quotes, let me know in the comments below, thanks....


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