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5 Expert Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Ads

Written By Kaustav Bhattacharya on Saturday, June 20, 2020 | June 20, 2020

5 Expert Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Ads


There has been traditional ways of marketing your business such as using the Print Media, the Tele Ads, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, etc, but then over the years modern marketing techniques such as Online Ads, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and very recently Influencer Marketing, is becoming mostly popular among businesses,  the reason is the return on investment, its a pretty pocket friendly method to get the word out, increase the exposure and reach of a business, but that doesn't imply that traditional ways of marketing are in any way less popular or less effective than the modern techniques, its just that… one needs to have a good budget and in some cases an existing brand popularity to get the best out of it.

This Article though, is all about getting the most out of your Online Ad Campaigns, Here are 5 expert tips to get the most out of your Online Ads and get a better ROI.

(Note : - Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads,  are all being referred to as Online ads in this article.)

Pro Tip 1 – Have a Sales funnel, before starting your online ads, you must have a plan to attract their attention, get their interest, arouse their desires and convert them into action, in other words products do not land up from factory outlets to consumer households, there are small steps involved to make the consumers arrive at a decision and make a purchase. Online Ads would give you the best ROI if you are having a sales funnel. Here is a figure demonstrating the Sales funnel.


Pro Tip 2 – Have a landing page, Facebook ads, Google ads and all the other Online ads platforms ask for your website URL, they do that because…...yes, you have guessed it right, to send people to your website and make a purchase decision, but what happens, when they visit your website and they find your website is not loading, or the menu is too complicated and things are difficult to find ? They leave and you loose a potential customer or client. The Solution is a Landing Page,.... a landing page is a web page that comprises of all the vital information about a product or service and is designed to capture leads and makes potential customers arrive at a purchase decision, or opt in for services.


Pro Tip 3 – Have Tracking Pixels, if you want to get the best out of your Online Ads you have to track, what the visitors are doing in the website/landing page, what buttons are they clicking, what was the session duration and how they have interacted with your website/landing page, these metrics will help in understanding the shortcomings of your Landing page structure, the problems with the contents of your landing page, and fixing these issues will help you in securing conversions. For Facebook, its Facebook pixels that helps you do that, its events manger does wonders and in case of Google its tag manager that does the job, you just need to install them and set up the events and that would be it.


Pro Tip 4Re marketing, You need to re market your audience, now remember I mentioned about the tracking pixels , this is where all the data it sucks in about visitors activity comes in use, you re-market your product to the audience that have shown some interest, but left for some reason, the abandoned Cart Emails are a standard example of this phenomenon. Re marketing has helped many companies sell their products, especially the E Commerce Industry which is actively using this method till date to sell its products.


Pro Tip 5Creatives, did you know that your creatives affects your reach ? …...Yes your creatives affects your reach, too much text or lengthy videos affects the reach of your online ads, thus always always head over to the creative hub in Facebook to keep it in check before you launch your first online ad campaign, for Google ads the same is the rule for its responsive ads.


These are the pro tips, I have acquired over the years while dealing with Online ads, these expert tips will guide you significantly in getting the best out of your online ads, considering the fact you already create Online Ads and have been doing it but not getting better results…. but if you want to achieve even better results and not go through the hassles of it, you can hire a professional and achieve even better results with your Online Ads, 

If you want to learn about advanced Facebook targeting then check out this post by me : Facebook Ads Detailed Targeting Tutorial

 Good Luck…



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